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About Me

Greetings, I'm Christopher Taylor, a passionate and results-driven full-stack PHP web application developer raised in the beautiful city of Columbia, South Carolina. I am currently living in San Antonio, TX. With three years of experience under my belt, I've had the privilege of working on a wide range of web projects, from small startups to large enterprises, and I've developed a deep love for creating exceptional web solutions.

My Journey

My journey into the world of web development started with an insatiable curiosity for technology and an eagerness to solve real-world problems through code. Over the years, I've honed my skills and embraced the challenges that come with building modern web applications.

Why PHP?

PHP for me, is not just a scripting language, it's a powerful tool that allows me to transform ideas into dynamic and interactive web experiences. Its versatility, along with a vibrant community, has been instrumental in my journey. I specialize in using PHP to craft robust and efficient solutions, always striving for the highest standards in code quality and performance.

Full-Stack Expertise

As a full-stack developer, I'm well-versed in both the server-side and client-side aspects of web development. Whether it's designing elegant user interfaces, architecting the back-end logic, or optimizing databases for peak efficiency, I love the challenge of creating holistic solutions.

Passion for Problem Solving

My work isn't just about writing code, it's about solving problems and bringing ideas to life. I thrive on the satisfaction of finding innovative solutions to complex challenges, always with a keen eye on delivering the best user experiences.


Proficient in creating structured and semantic HTML5 markup for web pages, ensuring accessibility and compatibility across different browsers.


Strong expertise in CSS3 for styling and layout design, including CSS preprocessors like SASS/SCSS, and responsive design techniques for optimal user experiences.


Skilled in client-side scripting with JavaScript, enhancing interactivity and user engagement, and proficient in working with libraries and frameworks like jQuery.


Experienced in server-side scripting with PHP, building dynamic web applications, RESTful APIs, and content management systems using frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony.


Proficient in database design, development, and optimization with MySQL, ensuring efficient data storage, retrieval, and management in web applications.

These skills encompass the core technologies and tools essential for web application development, allowing me to create robust, user-friendly, and efficient web solutions.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Web Development
Strayer University


Web Application Development, UX/UI Design, Game Development, Graphic Design, Video Editing, and Audio Production.

Dashboard App

Type: Web Application
Version: 1.1
Created: October 2023

Dashboard App is a web application made for tracking IT helpdesk tickets and statistics. It uses the power of PHP and SQL to create, read, update, and delete information stored in the database. While this is a demo version, this powerful application can be customized and expanded for use in an actual organization. Click the demo login button at the login screen and choose from two different user profiles to test. Assign them tickets, update the tickets, change the ticket information, and watch the application keep everything flowing smoothly!

Sabree Transport

Type: Commercial Website
Version: 2.0
Created: January 2022

Sabree Transport is a nationwide freight transport company specializing in marine transportation. We transport your marine freight all across the country with pride. Residential, Marina, and Business to Business delivery. We were founded in Charleston, SC. We are on our way to being a major player in the industry. Our reputation is being built on hard work, dedication, and a pro-customer attitude.

Lucky You

Type: Video Game
Version: 2.0
Created: March 2022

Lucky You is my first video game. It is a brain game that works out your memory and keeps you on your toes. You have a limited time each round to find all the matches on the game board. You must use the powerups you earn each round to help you past rounds where the time may not be enough. Through strategy, quickness, and luck, you can progress up to the final levels where things get really tricky!


Type: Web Application
Version: 1.01
Created: February 2022

Private Medical Data System is a portal designed to handle record keeping and database access for hospitals. Medical personnel need access to sensitive data and this application allows permissions to be granted to authorized users only. Administrators can grant or deny permissions as needed right from the application, saving time and cutting costs.

Let's Collaborate

I'm always excited to take on new projects, collaborate with creative minds, and contribute to the success of businesses and individuals. If you're looking for a dedicated web developer who's committed to excellence and eager to turn your ideas into reality, I'd love to chat and explore how we can work together.

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